All non-compliant vehicles except motorcycles will face penalties to drive within the Edinburgh Low Emission Zone from 1 June 2024. Find out all you need to know here!

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What is the Edinburgh LEZ?

To protect public health and improve air quality, City of Edinburgh Council introduced a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in May 2022 with a two-year grace period. This was to allow residents time to change their vehicle to a compliant if they needed to.

Starting 1 June 2024, all vehicles, except mopeds and motorcycles, entering the zone will need to meet the less-polluting emission standards or will face a penalty charge.

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Why does Edinburgh need a Low Emission Zone?

Although Edinburgh has made good progress in reducing levels of air pollution, there are still areas where certain pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide (NO2), are higher than the legal standard.

The upcoming Edinburgh Low Emission Zone will:

  • help accelerate the uptake of less polluting vehicles
  • encourage people to move away from private car use
  • increase the safety, attractiveness, and amenity of the city centre

If your vehicle meets the following emission standards, you will not incur a penalty charge for driving within the Edinburgh Low Emission Zone (starting 1 June 2024):

  • Euro 4 for petrol cars and vans (typically vehicles registered from 2006)
  • Euro 6 for diesel cars and vans (typically vehicles registered from September 2015)
  • Euro VI for buses, coaches and HGVs (typically vehicles registered from January 2013)
  • All zero emission vehicles, including fully electric vehicles (EVs)
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Charge Tips

What you need to know

Enforcement of the zone will start on 1 June 2024. From this date, all vehicles driving within the zone will either need to comply with emission standards set by the government or will incur a penalty.
Edinburgh Low Emission Zone operating times
The Edinburgh LEZ will operate 24 hours a day, all year round.
How much will the Edinburgh LEZ charge be?
Similar to the other upcoming Scottish Low Emission Zones (Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee), any non-compliant vehicles driving into the Edinburgh Low Emission Zone from 1 June 2024 will receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). The charges for the PCN are as follows:

- The initial penalty charge for all non-compliant vehicles entering the Edinburgh Low Emission Zone will be £60 - reduced to £30 if it is paid within 14 days.

- The penalty charge amount will double each time you drive into the Low Emission Zone with the same non-compliant vehicle. So, if you are driving into the zone for the second time, the charge will be £120.

- Penalty charges are capped at £480 for cars and light goods vehicles, and £960 for buses and HGVs.

- If you have not driven into the zone with a non-compliant vehicle within 90 days of receiving the previous PCN, the penalty charge is reset to £60.

Motorcycles and mopeds will be excluded from this charge.
Edinburgh LEZ exemptions
Some exemptions have been announced for the Edinburgh Low Emission Zone. This means that even if your vehicle is non-compliant, you will not incur a penalty for driving within the zone from 1 June 2024. The exemptions are listed below:

Vehicles for disabled people (blue badge holders need to register via the Transport Scotland website for long-term or short-term exemption if):

- the vehicle is being driven by any person who is in receipt of a blue badge that has been issued under section 21(2) of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970

- a passenger in the vehicle has been issued with a blue badge under that section of that Act

- a blue badge for the vehicle has been issued under section 21(4) of that Act

- a reduction in annual rate of vehicle excise duty applies because the vehicle is being used by a disabled person in receipt of personal independence payment at the standard rate

- vehicles registered with a 'disabled' or 'disabled passenger vehicles' tax class e.g. the vehicle is exempt from payment of vehicle excise duty under paragraph 19(1) or 20(1) of schedule 2 of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 (exemptions from excise duty for vehicles used by disabled persons)

The following exemptions are automatic:

Emergency vehicles (the vehicle is being driven by any person who is):

undertaking their duty as a constable

- providing a response to an emergency at the request of the Scottish Ambulance Service Board

- exercising the functions of the Scottish Ambulance Service Board, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Her Majesty's Coastguard or the National Crime Agency

Navy, Military or Air Force Vehicles:

- vehicles being used for naval, military or air force purposes

Historic vehicles (vehicle which is considered to be of historical interest to the UK, and which):

- was manufactured, or registered, for the first time at least 30 years previously

- is of a type no longer in production

- has been historically preserved or maintained in its original state and has not undergone substantial changes in the technical characteristics of its main components

Showman's Vehicles (highly specialised vehicles used for the purpose of travelling showmen where):

- the vehicle is used during the performance

- the vehicle is used for the purpose of providing the performance

- the vehicle is used for carrying performance equipment
What areas will the Edinburgh Low Emission Zone cover?
The LEZ boundary circles the city centre from:

- Tollcross in the south

- to Palmerston Place in the west

- along Queen Street in the New Town

- to Picardy Place

- to Picardy Placearound Abbey

- hill and onto Holyrood Road

- along the Pleasance in the east

- before heading back along the Meadows to Tollcross.
Map of Edinburgh LEZ
How can Caura help you navigate the Edinburgh LEZ?
New emission zones can be confusing. We are working hard to allow all Edinburgh residents to be able to check if their vehicle meets the emission standards to drive within the Edinburgh Low Emission Zone without incurring a penalty. We will update this page once this feature is available in Caura.

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