Heathrow Drop-Off Charge

Sort the Heathrow Terminal Drop-Off Charge in seconds. Download Caura’s app now to pay.

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Heathrow Drop-Off Charge

Sort the Heathrow Terminal Drop-Off Charge in seconds. Download Caura’s app now to pay.

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Pay Heathrow Drop-Off charges with Caura

Dropping passengers at London Heathrow departures?

You’ll get charged £5 every time you enter the drop-off zone. So before you decide to be a good friend and take someone to the airport, get up to speed with how the drop-off system works. Then sort your payment in seconds with Caura.

Download Caura’s app, find Heathrow Drop-Off Charge and pay in in two taps. Simple. 

What is the Heathrow Drop-Off charge?

With an average of 1,300 daily flights every day, Heathrow has thousands of passengers arriving by car or taxi. If they’re not parking in long-stay car parks, chances are they’re getting dropped off at one of Heathrow’s designated zones.

The charges for these zones only recently came into force in 2021. The fees are part of the airport’s plan to reduce airport traffic and improve air quality by discouraging extra vehicles. The spare income from this charge goes towards sustainability initiatives, helping reduce overall airport fees. Pretty cool.

Heathrow Drop-Off Charge

All you need to know

The drop-off zones operate through an automated number plate recognition system, meaning no barriers. Just pull up in a free bay, and the charge automatically incurs. The charges do not apply to pick-ups, there are different pick-up areas inside the terminal car parks.

Drop-off charging times

The charges are in effect 24/7, every day of the year.

How much to enter drop-off zone?

The charge for using a Heathrow terminal drop-off zone is £5. You’ll be charged per drop-off, which means you pay each you enter the zone.

Fines for not paying the charge

If you don’t pay the charge, you’ll receive an £80 parking charge notice (PCN). But, this gets reduced to £40 if you pay it within 14 days.

Heathrow Drop-Off exemptions

All valid Blue Badge holders are eligible for a full discount. If this applies to you, you don’t need to own the vehicle you’re dropped off in, including a taxi ride. However, you’ll need to apply for the discount online, referencing details of your travels, including your vehicle registration number, visit date, badge and flight number.

Other exemptions:

  • Emergency service vehicles
  • Military vehicles
  • Roadside recovery vehicles
  • Two-wheeled motorbikes
  • Taxis actively licensed with London Taxi and Private Hire (TPH)

Avoid the fee altogether by dropping off your passenger in one of the Long Stay car parks, where they can take a free bus to the terminal.

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Where are the passenger drop off zones at Heathrow?

Each drop-off zone is located in front of the terminal building in the terminal forecourt. You will see clear signs on the roads around the airport grounds informing you of the chargeable zones.

Pay the Heathrow drop-off charge with Caura

It only takes two taps to pay the Heathrow Drop-Off charge with Caura. Simply download the app, enter your number plate, tap the Heathrow Drop-Off Charge and pay.

Payments can also be made in advance, on the day of, or by midnight the following day. Any advance payment will be valid for up to 12 months.

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