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Pay the Birmingham CAZ charge in seconds on Caura

December 12, 2023

Caura makes the new Birmingham Clean Air Zone simple with payments in less than 5 seconds:

  • Free to download, Caura enables drivers to manage Clean Air Zone (CAZ) payments in addition to road tax, parking, tolls, London’s CC/ULEZ and even vehicle Insurance all through one app
  • Caura is designed by motorists for motorists to simplify car ownership and prevent PCNs (Penalty Charge Notices) and aims to save Birmingham motorists thousands in fines when the new charging system goes live on 1st June
  • UK motorists accumulate a whopping £2bn in fines annually which Caura aims to put right
  • Caura CEO, Sai Lakshmi available for interview on request to to talk about drivers’ plight against complex vehicle admin and payments infrastructure
  • Currently available on iOS & Android.

London + Birmingham - 14th  June 2021  

Car management app Caura today announces support for the new Birmingham Clean Air Zone system to its free vehicle management app.

As Midlanders struggle to navigate payments for the new  Clean Air Zone (CAZ), Caura is the only app motorists need to manage and pay for all aspects of car ownership: Clean Air Zones, MOT, tax, tolls to insuring their vehicle

The Birmingham CAZ is potentially confusing to consumers - with unclear signage and instructions for payment. From 14th June 2021 residents of Birmingham will have to visit a website in order to pay for entry to the CAZ. Caura offers an alternative: a clear payment system for entering the zone which enables drivers to pay through the app without any incremental fee, within 5 seconds.

. Users will be able to pay on the day of entry, or the day before or after, providing an easy way to pay, to avoid fines and time-intensive website pages.

Find out more about the Birmingham CAZ charge here. Find a list for all Birmingham Clean Air Zone exemptions here, too.

Caura payment screen and payment success screen for the Birmingham CAZ charge

Caura’s aim is simple, to enable motorists to simply manage their car without ever getting a fine again. All services are payable through the app with a few clicks via Apple Pay.

Caura CEO, Sai Lakshmi said: “We want to help Birmingham motorists navigate the logistics of the  new Clean Air Zone, to ease the confusion or mitigate risks of motorists being surprised with a fine. This is a no brainer - it is consistent with our mission to ease the hassle and expense of car ownership.”

“Current online payment systems are time-intensive and onerous. Caura’s three simple taps and payment through Apple Pay without fuss or commission, is designed to ease the hassle and expense for the tens of thousands of users of our app. The4.8 star rating demonstrates the value motorists are placing on using Caura making car ownership simple.”


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