Pay the Birmingham CAZ Charge, super-fast. Download the app and sort it in two taps.

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Pay the Birmingham CAZ Charge, super-fast. Download the app and sort it in two taps.

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Pay the Birmingham Clean Air Zone charge with Caura

Birmingham. A place bustling with 1.1 million citizens. And a whole lot of traffic. Heading into the city centre? Don’t forget to pay the CAZ.

Sort the charge in seconds with Caura. Open the app, find City Charges and tap Birmingham Clean Air Zone. Select the day and pay, then drive away. Simple.

What's the Birmingham CAZ charge?

The charge was introduced in 2021 as a way of decreasing traffic in the city centre and creating cleaner air for all.

The charge only applies to vehicles that don’t meet emissions standards. No vehicle is outright banned, but owners of high-polluting (most likely older) vehicles must pay up every time they drive into the zone.

If your vehicle meets emissions standards, it means you don’t have to pay. These are:

·      Diesel engines: Euro 6 (VI) or better   

·      Petrol engines: Euro 4 or better

·      Gas engines: Euro 6 (VI) or better

·      Diesel/petrol electric hybrids: meet the latest relevant emission standards

·      Fully electric or hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles: exempt

Birmingham CAZ charge

What you need to know

Birmingham is a Class D Zone, meaning buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, vans, minibuses, cars and motorcycles as well as scooters are all included in the charge.

Birmingham CAZ operating times

Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All year round.

How much is the Birmingham CAZ charge?

The charge is £8 for cars, vans (light good vehicles) and taxis.

It’s down to you to know if your vehicle meets emissions standards. It’s also your responsibility to know if you’ve driven through the charge zone. No one tells you.

Fines for the Birmingham CAZ

If you forget to pay the fee, you’ll get a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) in the post for a £120 fine. This is reduced to £60 if you pay it within 14 days.

Birmingham CAZ charge exemptions

If your vehicle meets the emission standards, the app will automatically tell you that you're exempt and you don't have to pay the charge.

There are quite a few other exemptions to the charges. If you’re one of these people, you might not have to pay:

  • Residents – If you live in the Clean Air Zone and have a vehicle that will be charged, you can apply for a temporary exemption permit.
  • Workers – If you live outside the Clean Air Zone, but work inside of it, you might be eligible for an exemption or get some money back.
  • Commercial vehicles – If your business meets certain criteria, you might be eligible for a temporary exemption permit.
  • Specialist vehicles - Emergency service vehicles like police, fire and ambulance services.
  • Ultra-low emission vehicles
  • A vehicle that’s retrofitted with technology accredited by the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS)
  • Certain types of agricultural vehicles
  • Community and school transport
  • Disabled passenger tax class 85
  • Historic and military vehicles
  • Showman’s’ vehicles
  • Visitors to certain medical centres that offer 24/7 emergency care

CAZ charge alternatives

If switching to a vehicle that meets emissions standards isn’t part of your near-future plan, you could:

  • Share a ride with a friend
  • Consider walking
  • Take the bus
  • Get on your bike

 See what’s in store for alternative travelling with Birmingham’s exciting 2031 transport plan.

Pay your clean air charges in seconds

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Birmingham CAZ Charge

How much of Birmingham does the zone cover?

Most postcodes are in the Birmingham CAZ, along with many well known landmarks and visitor hotspots:

  • B1 –  Birmingham City Centre, Broad St (EAST)
  • B2 – Birmingham City Centre, New St
  • B3 – Birmingham City Centre, Corporation St
  • B4 – Birmingham City Centre, Corporation St
  • B5 – Digbeth, Highgate, Lee Bank
  • B6 – Aston, Birchfield, Witton
  • B7 – Nechells, Vauxhall
  • B9 – Bordesley Green, Bordesley
  • B10 – Small Heath
  • B12 – Balsall Heath, Sparkbrook, Highgate
  • B15 – Edgbaston
  • B16 – Ladywood
  • B18 – Harborne, Edgbaston
  • B19 – Lozells, Newtown, Birchfield
  • All city theatres
  • The Bullring
  • Grand Central
  • Birmingham Cathedral
  • Colmore Business District
map and sign for birmingham clean air zone

How do I know if I'm about to drive into the CAZ?

As you drive towards Birmingham, you’ll start to see CAZ signs. These advance warnings are in prominent locations around the A4540 Middleway. It’s now time to find another route if you don’t want to enter the zone. Because once you’re in, there’s no going back.

One (or more) of 67 cameras around the zone perimeter, and in the zone, will log your vehicle registration number (VRN).

The signs have a symbol with the Letter D, showing the Clean Air Zone class. Cameras (67 of them!) use an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system to identify the vehicle’s owner.

Pay the CAZ charge with Caura

Caura is the quickest way to pay the Clean Air Zone charge. Two taps and you’re done. Then sit back and enjoy the city centre journey.

Downloading Caura’s app takes seconds. Enter your number plate and sort the payment without any extra admin fees or charges.

Caura is the only app you need

Welcome to the app for all things car. We don’t just help you with city charges. From vehicle tax to yearly insurance ­– Caura sorts all your boring car admin needs, all in one place.

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