Let the Good Words Roll

"Caura, our number-one startup for 2023, is here to put a brake on the madness. It’s a simple, but surprisingly disruptive idea – the UK’s first mobile platform for consumers to manage all their vehicle admin in just one place."
"This significant £4 million investment will be used to develop new features for iOS and Android apps."
"Caura, a motoring admin app that provides a centralised place for tasks including paying for tolls, city charges, vehicle excise duty, MOTs and vehicle tax."

"New app Caura to save motorist 'millions' in fines as ULEZ expands."
"Jaguar Land Rover backs car payments app set to rip up paper forms"
"A new app, Caura, looks to streamline the dozens of services required to manage vehicles and eliminate the stress of car ownership."
"How to save millions in driving fines with new app Caura"
"JLR subsidiary InMotion Ventures contributes to £3 million of investment raised in Caura’s latest funding round"
"Taking the headaches out of handling the admin that is all things car ownership, London's Caura adds another £4 million to the tank."

"Caura, the app for UK car owners, begins offering insurance"
"Caura simplifies car admin by sending drivers relevant information and timely reminders to help them stay compliant."
"Phone app promises car insurance cover ‘in less than 60 seconds"
'"A former Apple worker just launched a new app to help motorists manage their vehicles"
"Caura brings all driving-related payments together into one place to simplify car admin for UK drivers."
"Caura app aims to simplify ownership admin"
"New smartphone app promises to help drivers avoid fines"
"App is just the ticket for paying your parking fees"
"Lloyds invests in app helping UK drivers avoid traffic fines"
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