Caura’s the quickest way to pay the Tyne Tunnel charge. Download the app and pay in two taps.

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Caura’s the quickest way to pay the Tyne Tunnel charge. Download the app and pay in two taps.

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Use Caura to pay the Tyne Tunnels toll

Whether you’re flying from Newcastle Airport or heading for a beach day out with the family – the Tyne Tunnels take you under the river and where you need to be in no time.

Use Caura to pay the tunnels toll and forget the faff. Just download the app, find Tyne Tunnels under City Charges, and sort it before you even get in the car. Hello hassle-free journey.

What are the Tyne Tunnels?

Found in the North East, the Tyne Tunnels are two traffic tunnels known as the main way to cross the river and get into Newcastle for those living by the coast or using the A19.

The first tunnel was opened by Queen Elizabeth in 1967, and then a second was built in November 2011. At the time, this area was one of the worst congestion black spots in the UK, so the second tunnel was revolutionary. Delays of 45 minutes used to be the norm, whereas a 10-minute delay today would be worrying.  

Tyne Tunnels

What you need to know

The great news is that you now no longer need to stop and pay the toll when driving from one end of the tunnel to another. You can drive straight through and pay the Tyne Tunnel fee on your phone. Easy.

Tyne Tunnels charging times

Both tunnels are open 365 days a year. It's a 24/7 charge, you have to pay, whatever time of day it is.

How much to use the Tyne Tunnels?

Daily charges, payable on each occasion:

  • For cyclists and pedestrians: free
  • For motorbikes and disabled registered vehicles: free
  • For cars, vans and buses less than 3.5 tonnes: £1.90 each way
  • For LGVs, vans, and buses over 3.5 tonnes: £3.70 each way

Fines for the Tyne Tunnels

If you don’t pay the toll charge by midnight the day after you use the tunnel – or forget to pay entirely – you’ll get a fine of £30, plus the Tyne Tunnel toll fee.

If you don’t pay the fine within 14 days, it doubles to £60.

If you still don’t pay within 28 days, you’ll face a £100 fine.

Tyne Tunnels works with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to send an Unpaid Toll Charge Notice (UTCN) in the post.

Tyne Tunnels toll exemptions

The only exemptions from the tolls are for Blue Badge holders, or those with vehicles that are exempt due to a disability. Apply for an exemption on the Tyne Tunnels’ website.

Those with an exemption must stop at an inspection lane for each way of travel. If not, they’ll have to pay the toll.

What roads do the Tyne Tunnels use?

Here’s how to use the Tyne Tunnels, for both Northbound and Southbound.

  • Heading North: After leaving the Northbound tunnel, use either lane to continue on the A19. For the A187, use the right lane and then merge through the dashed line lane on the right and follow it to the A187
  • Heading South: As you approach the Southbound tunnel, drive straight through using either lane for the A19 or left for the A185. If you want to exit onto the A185, keep in the left lane inside the tunnel so you don’t miss the exit

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Tyne Tunnels entrance

How do I know if I need to pay the Tyne Tunnels toll?

Roads approaching the tunnels will be clearly sign-posted, but there's no payment barrier or booth, so you'll need to be aware that you've used the crossing, and it's then your responsibility to pay the toll charge.

Pay the Tyne Tunnels charges with Caura

Speedily sort all your Tyne Tunnel payments with Caura. Simply download the app and pay without any extra fees. Sort everything before you even get in the car. No more slow websites or fiddly phone numbers. Then stash all your receipts on the app, in case you need to check back. One app. Two taps. Simple.

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But Caura doesn’t just sort Tyne Tunnel payments. From insurance to road tax and everything in between, the app helps you do all your car admin, all in one place.

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