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The Silver Jubilee and Mersey Gateway bridges get you from A to B, swiftly. But don’t forget to pay. Both crossings have a toll system in full swing.

Use Caura to pay your Merseyflow charges with zero effort. Download the app and pay before you even get in the car to set off. Keep things simple, optimise your car admin.

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What are the Merseyflow charges?

Head to Cheshire and you’ll find two majestic bridges sitting side by side. The original Silver Jubilee Bridge, and the newer Mersey Gateway. Both go over two waterways – the Mersey River and the Manchester Ship canal. An incredible 1.4 miles in total. Take note, cyclists and pedestrians are only allowed to use the Silver Jubilee crossing.

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Toll Tips

What you need to know

The Mersey Gateway and Silver Jubilee bridges are located between Runcorn and Widnes in Cheshire, England.

Merseyflow is the name of the company that operates the tolls. And the great news is that you no longer need to stop and pay the toll to drive over. Go through without stopping and pay the charge with Caura, it's the quickest way to pay. No more waiting in queues and fumbling for pocket change.
Merseyflow charging times
Both bridges are open 365 days a year and charges are in effect 24/7.
How much to use the Merseyflow crossings?
  • The fee is the same for both bridges. There’s no return, you pay every time you cross. The charges differ depending on what vehicle you drive:
  • Motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians: free
  • Cars and small vans: £2
  • Large vans and lorries: £6
  • Large lorries or buses: £8
Fines for Merseyflow

If you don’t pay the toll charge by midnight the day after you use either bridge – or if you forget to pay completely – the fixed Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is £40.

Unpaid penalty fines are registered as civil debt and if left unpaid will lead to enforcement action from the council.

If you breakdown on the bridge, your vehicle must be recovered by Merseyflow. No roadside repairs, refuelling, or tyre changing is allowed unless by special permission. Your vehicle gets taken to a specific location, where it will be impounded until the recovery fees are paid. These are a minimum of £150 for small vehicles.

Merseyflow exemptions and discounts

There are a few discounts and exemptions for Merseyflow charges:

  • Hatton residents only have to pay a £10 administration fee every year, allowing them to make unlimited personal trips at no further fee
  • If you have a blue badge, you only have to pay a one-off £5 fee to make unlimited trips
  • There are pre-pay monthly, ‘unlimited travel’ plans where you get a discount of 5 or 10%
  • People with exemptions are given an electronic tag to stick inside their car windscreen, which can be detected by sensors on the bridges, letting them off paying for the toll. Watch out, these stickers don’t transfer between vehicles
How do I know if I need to pay the Merseyflow charge?
  • The bridges are iconic and hard to miss, and the crossing routes are clearly sign-posted. There are no payment barriers or booths, so you'll need to be aware that you've driven over either bridge and then remember to pay the charge.
Pay the Merseyflow charges with Caura

Download the app, find Merseyflow charges under ‘Roads and Tolls’ and pay in seconds. It’s that easy. Sort it before you even get in the car. The same payment can cover a single or return journey over each bridge, nice and simple.


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