Caura is the fastest way to pay the Dart Charge. Download the app now and pay in two taps.

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Caura is the fastest way to pay the Dart Charge. Download the app now and pay in two taps.

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Pay the Dart Charge with Caura

Known as one of the key crossings in Europe, this bridge and two tunnels takes you across the river Thames on the eastern section of the M25.

Heading for a weekend getaway? Or popping out for a day shopping at Bluewater? Use the Dart to get where you need to be. But remember to pay.

Caura helps you sort the Dart charge before you even get in the car. With no extra fees. Then drive off for some admin-free fun.

What is the Dart Charge?

The first tunnel opened in 1963, taking 12,000 vehicles every day. But as time went on, it couldn’t cope with the serious amount of traffic using it. So urgent construction of the second tunnel began in 1971.

Both tunnels were connected to the M25, and demand grew to a whopping 79,000 vehicles per day. In 1991, the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge was built to half the load again. Now traffic flows nice and freely.

Dartford Crossing

What you need to know

Drivers are charged per crossing, there are no barriers or payment booths, so payment must be made online. The Caura app is the easiest way to make payment.

Dartford Crossing charging times

Fees only apply from 6am - 10pm. All year round, 7 days per week. Including Christmas Day and bank holidays.

How much is the Dart Charge?

  • A one-way crossing for cars, motorhomes, passenger vans and buses with less than 9 seats: £2.50 (£2 for account holders)
  • A one-way crossing for goods vehicles with two axles (including vans and small trucks): £3 (£2.63 for account holders)
  • A one-way crossing for multi-axeled goods vehicles:  £6 (£5.19 for account holders)

Fines for the Dart Charge

Pay the Dart Charge within 28 days of your crossing, or you’ll get fined £70, plus the original crossing fee. This penalty is sent to the address your vehicle’s registered at

This amount halves if you pay it within 14 days – but rises to £105 if you don’t sort it

If you think you've been fined unfairly, you can appeal the charge

Dartford Crossing charge exemptions

There are discounts for regular users with prepaid accounts, as well as a few other exemptions for certain road users.

  • If you don’t pay vehicle tax because you’re disabled, then it’s free
  • Mopeds, and motorbikes cross for free
  • While cyclists aren’t allowed to cross – there are free shuttles to take them over at no charge
  • If you’re a local with a car or small van, you get unlimited crossings for £20 per year, or £10 a year for 50 crossings

Can I avoid paying?

  • Travel by night – after 10pm and before 6am
  • If you’re off on an adventure (trying to get to M1 or similar), then you could take the western side motorway which avoids the crossing
  • The Woolwich ferry is free to use and open to cars, if you are trying to get in or out of central London
  • Or there’s a foot ferry between Tilbury and Gravesend

Pay your clean air charges in seconds

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queen elizabeth bridge dartford crossing at night

How do I know if I'm about to drive over the Dartford Crossing?

If you're driving on the eastern section of the M25 that crosses the Thames, then you'll have to use the crossing. You'll see signs in plenty of time, though there is no physical barrier or toll station to cross. You'll need to be aware of having made the crossing, and then remember to pay the charge.

Pay the Dart Charge with Caura

Forget fiddly forms and multiple sites. Pay the Dart Charge on Caura’s speedy app.

It (seriously) only takes a second. Two taps and you’re done. Just download the app, find ‘Roads and tolls’ and choose the ‘Dart Charge’. Pay in seconds and you’re done. With no extra fees.

Caura is the only app you need

Caura doesn’t just help you pay for vehicle fees. Anything car admin, we help you sort effortlessly. Think vehicle tax, insurance, and a whole lot more.  Don’t waste time on multiple websites to make payments.


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