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What is the Oxford Zero Emission Zone?

It’s Britain’s first emission control zone that charges every vehicle besides those that are fully electric. Even hybrid.

It launched in February 2022 and, for now, applies to just nine streets in the very heart of Oxford. Its aim is to keep the historic centre free of traffic and pollution, by encouraging walking, cycling, and park & ride schemes. Drivers who continue using the zone will pay up to £10 per day, depending on their vehicle.

Charges will apply to:

  • Ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV), which emit less than 75 g/km CO2
  • Low emission vehicles (LEV), which meet the Euro 4/IV petrol or Euro 6/VI diesel standards
  • And all other vehicles with greater emissions

The Oxford ZEZ is a pilot scheme. If it's successful, it will be extended to cover an area 10x larger than the current zone – which will include most of the city centre. Fees are also going to go up, doubling in August 2025.

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Charge Tips

What you need to know

The OZEZ currently applies to just nine of Oxford’s most central streets, but it's set to expand if the initial pilot is successful.
Oxford ZEZ operating times
Charges for the Oxford Zero Emission Zone apply from 7am to 7pm, every day, all year.
How much is the Oxford ZEZ charge?

In Caura, you can pay for yesterday's, today's or tomorrow's travel.

Different vehicle categories pay different amounts:

  • Zero emission vehicles will not need to pay the charge
  • Ultra-low emission vehicles will pay £2 per day
  • Low emission vehicles will pay £4 per day
  • All other vehicles will pay £10 per day

From August 2025, these charges will double in price.

Fines for the Oxford ZEZ

You'll need to remember to pay the charge, you won't receive a reminder. If you don’t sort it on time, then you’ll receive a penalty charge notice (PCN) for £60. You’ll have 28 days to pay, the PCN will be reduced to £30 if you pay within 14 days.

Oxford ZEZ discounts and exemptions

The most obvious exemption is zero emission vehicles. If you’re driving one of these, you’re home free. Literally.

There’s no need to apply for exemption. The number plate (ANPR) cameras will scan your vehicle, and the system will recognise you as exempt. The same applies for other Oxford ZEZ exemption categories:

  • Taxis (Hackney carriages, licensed by Oxford City Council)
  • Buses (registered locally)
  • Emergency service vehicles
  • Historic vehicles
  • Military vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles (like tractors, snowploughs, gritters etc.)
  • Special vehicles (like cranes, road rollers, forklift trucks etc.)
  • Hearses
  • Certain recovery vehicles

There are also discounts available for some vehicles and drivers. These do need to be applied for, and Oxford City Council recommend that you do this at least 10 days before you use the zone, allowing time for the application to be processed:

  • Some low emission hybrid private hire vehicles
  • Residents or businesses inside the Oxford ZEZ
  • Blue Badge holders
  • Disabled tax vehicles
  • Healthcare workers
  • Community transport vehicles
  • Students in financial hardship who are moving in/out of the Oxford ZEZ
How much of Oxford does the ZEZ cover?

The Oxford ZEZ currently applies to just nine of Oxford’s most central streets. These are:

  • Bonn Square
  • Queen Street
  • Cornmarket Street
  • New Inn Hall Street
  • Shoe Lane
  • Shoe Lane
  • Ship Street
  • St. Michael's Street
  • Market Street (from the Cornmarket junction, east for 40 metres)
  • New Road (between Bonn Square and its junction with Castle Street.)
Oxford ZEZ Map
How do I know if I'm about to drive into the Oxford ZEZ?

The Oxford ZEZ is well sign-posted and you should be able to easily identify if you’re heading into it. The map shown above highlights the affected streets, and the road signs that mark the boundary of the zone are easily recognisable.

The zone is currently a pilot, and if successful it will be expanded to cover a much larger area.

Pay the Oxford Zero Emission Zone charge with Caura

Caura is the easiest way to pay the Oxford ZEZ charge (or any other car-related charges, for that matter).

Download the app and tap ‘City Charges’ to find the Oxford ZEZ. Select the day, then pay in a second via Apple or Google Pay (or via credit card).

Receipts are automatically stored in the app, so you can always check what you've paid for.


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