Clean Air Zones are the future. Getting fined for them is in the past.

Breeze through Clean Air Zones. Pay CAZ charges in seconds on Caura.

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Paying for the Birmingham Clean Air Zone charge on Caura

Clean Air Zones

Use Caura to pay for a Clean Air Zone charge or check the map to make sure you scoot around them.

coming soon
Aberdeen LEZ Charge

TBC 2024

coming soon
Edinburgh LEZ Charge

TBC 2024

coming soon
Glasgow LEZ Charge

TBC 2023

coming soon
Newcastle CAZ Charge

TBC 2022

coming soon
Bradford CAZ Charge

Coming September 26th 2022

coming soon
Manchester CAZ Charge

TBC 2023

coming soon
Sheffield CAZ Charge

TBC 2023

Birmingham CAZ Charge

Running on all roads inside Brum’s A4550. Watch out coaches, buses and HGVs, you pay £50.

7am - 7pm
Oxford ZEZ Charge

A pilot running across a handful of streets in Oxford, expected to be extended next year.

London City Charges

Congestion Charge, ULEZ Charge and LEZ Charge all in operation. Operating hours and costs differ for each. More information available on our page dedicated to City Charges.

coming soon
Bristol CAZ Charge

Coming 28th November 2022

Bath CAZ Charge

Coming soon to Caura

Portsmouth CAZ Charge

Coming soon to Caura

Birmingham Clean Air Zone signs
Clean Air Zone

What are Clean Air Zones?

Clean Air Zones are coming soon to many UK cities, helping our air stay fresh for future generations. All vehicles are allowed in CAZ zones – but if their emissions are above a certain level, they’ll have to pay to pass through.

sign showing boundary of clean air zone
Clean Air Zones

How do they work?

These zones are regulated with cameras and automatic plate recognition, and are clearly signposted. Watch out.

Pay your clean air charges in seconds

Top of City Charges screen in the Caura app

Two taps. Paid.

Caura lets you drive freely through Clean Air Zones, paying in seconds. If you’re travelling around London – set up AutoPay and we’ll charge your card without you having to lift a finger. Or use Google and Apple Pay to sort in a few taps of the app.


Fines, farewell

Nip to the shops or head into the city and pay Clean Air Zones charges on the app. Do it before you set off, never get fined again.

Successfully paying London ULEZ charge on Caura

Pay your clean air charges in seconds


"One of best apps I’ve used, makes my life so much easier as I’m always in and out of CAZ - click of button I can pay for my charges, love it."

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