The Bradford CAZ is coming! Here's everything you need to know.

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The Bradford CAZ is coming! Here's everything you need to know.

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What is the Bradford Clean Air Zone?

To help limit air pollution, Bradford will launch its own Clean Air Zone (CAZ) on 26 September 2022 to control emissions in the city. This is part of a national scheme to improve air quality and people's health; locally the scheme has been coined 'Breathe Better Bradford'.

According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, several areas of Bradford are exceeding the legal pollution limit levels for Nitrogen Dioxide which are set at 40 µg/m3. It is estimated that the reduction in air pollution will also reduce hospital admissions from breathing difficulties by 10%.

Why does Bradford need a Clean Air Zone?

“1 in 5 of our children have a breathing problem" - Andrew Whittles, Air Quality Director, Bradford Council

To help safeguard the health of its residents, as well as the environment, Bradford will implement a Clean Air Zone that will see drivers of older, non-compliant vehicles pay a daily fee to enter the zone.

For the Bradford charging CAZ, non-compliant vehicles are Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), buses, coaches, taxis and private hire vehicles that:

  • Do not meet Euro 6 emissions standards (so are Euro 5 or older) if they are diesel.
  • Do not meet Euro 4 emissions standards (so are Euro 3 or older) if they are petrol.

Private cars, motorcycles and vans will not be charged to drive in the zone.

Bradford CAZ Charge

What you need to know

Bradford will be a Class C+ Zone, meaning buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles and heavy goods vehicles are all included in the charge.

Bradford CAZ operating times

Bradford’s Clean Air Zone will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All year round.

How much is the Bradford CAZ charge?

The charge you'll need to pay is dependant on your vehicle type. The charge is £7 for taxis and Private Hire Vehicles. Non-compliant LGVs and minibuses will pay £9 and HGVs, buses and coaches will pay £50 per day. Private cars or motorcycles are exempt from this charge.

Charges apply daily, so if you're entering and exiting the zone multiple times on the same day, you will only need to pay once.

But, if you drive in the zone across two days, for example before midnight and after midnight, you'll need to pay two daily charges.

Fines for the Bradford CAZ

If you forget to pay the fee, you’ll get a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) in the post for a £120 fine. This is reduced to £60 if you pay it within 14 days.

The Penalty Charge is payable in addition to the Clean Air Zone daily charge dependant on your vehicle type.

Bradford CAZ charge exemptions

You’re automatically entitled to an exemption and do not have to pay a charge if you have:

  • A vehicle that’s Ultra Low Emission
  • A disabled passenger tax class vehicle
  • A disabled tax class vehicle
  • A military vehicle
  • A vehicle retrofitted with technology accredited by the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS)
  • A historic vehicle
  • Certain types of agricultural vehicles

There are quite a few other exemptions to the charges. If you drive one of these vehicles, you will need to apply for exemption on the Bradford Council website:

  • Charity vehicles
  • School buses
  • Emergency response vehicles
  • Private hire vehicles (5-8 passenger seats)
  • LPG private hire vehicles (up to 4 passenger seats)
  • Specialist vehicles
  • Local SME vehicles
  • Residents vehicles
  • Motorised horseboxes
  • Motor caravans
  • Limited supply vehicles
  • Showman's vehicles

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Bradford CAZ charge

How much of Bradford does the zone cover?

The Bradford CAZ zone will cover the area inside, and including, the Bradford outer ring road.

It will also extend out along:

  • The Aire Valley Corridor
  • Manningham Lane
  • Bradford Road
  • Canal Road
  • Shipley
  • Saltaire
Bradford CAZ map

How do I know if I'm about to drive into the CAZ?

As you drive towards the Bradford outer ring road, you’ll start to see CAZ signs. The signs will have a symbol with the Letter C, showing the Clean Air Zone class.

How do I pay the CAZ charge?

Closer to its launch date of 26 September, the Bradford CAZ charge will be available to pay on Caura. Get a head start by downloading Caura and loading your car (or cars) onto the app.

Caura is the quickest way to pay the Clean Air Zone charge. Once you enter your registration plate in the app, we will automatically display the exact charge you need to pay based on your vehicle type. Then, pay in two taps and you’re done.

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