Upload your driving licence to Caura. Access key information like penalty points and driving disqualifications all at your fingertips. Never leave the house without it.

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Never leave your driving licence at home

Simply tap your licence number into the app and Caura will pull in all your details from the DVLA. If you're ever in a situation where need your licence and don't have it in hand, just pull your phone out and open the Caura app!

Why upload your driving licence to Caura?

When you add your licence details into the app, Caura syncs up with the DVLA so you always have all the information you need, right at your fingertips. Other benefits include:

See any speeding points

Got any speeding points or endorsements? The app syncs with the DVLA and tells you the score

See what you can drive

Changing wheels? Find out what you are (and aren't) eligible to drive

Your digital licence

Keep a digital copy of your licence, held securely and encrypted
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Any Questions?

If you can't find what you're looking for then email us on support@caura.com and we'll get back to you.
What's the cost of a UK driving licence
For your first driving licence:
Provisional licence: £34 (online) - £43 (post)
Full driving licence after you pass your test: Free - £17 (post)
Full driving licence in exchange for a European or foreign licence: £43 (post)

Replace a lost of stolen licence: £20

Change name, address, photo:
Address: Free (online or post)
Name: Free (post)Photo: £14 (online) - £17 (post)
Photo and name: £17 (post)
Photo and address: £14 (online) - £17 (post)

Renew a driving licence:
Expired licence: £14 (online) - £17 (post)
70 years or older: Free (online or post)
Short-term medical driving licence: Free (online or post)

Add, renew or remove an entitlement: Free (post)

Exchange a paper or non-GB driving licence
Paper licence with photo card with change of address: Free (online or post)
Paper licence with photo card with change of name: Free (post)
Paper licence with photo card with no change of details: £20 (online or post)
Full Northern Ireland driving licence for GB licence: Free (post)
Full European or other foreign licence if previous GB licence was held: Free (post)
Full European or other foreign licence if previous GB licence was not held: £43 (post)

Get your licence back after it's been taken away:
Disqualified for any reason except drink driving: £65 (post)
Disqualified for drink driving and you need to pass a medical exam with a DVLA doctor: £90 (post)
Disqualified for drink driving and you do not need to pass a medical exam: £65 (post)
Licence was revoked under the New Drivers Act: £50 (post)
Licence was revoked for not handing it over to DVLA or at court: Free (post)
Where can I find my driving licence details in Caura?
Just head to the account tab in-app and tap on 'Driving Licence'. From there you can your licence details, what you can drive under your licence, penalty points and driving disqualifications.
How do I add my driving licence to Caura?
Step 1: Enter your driving licence number
This is a sequence of 16 numbers and letters found in Section 5 on the front of your licence

Step 2: Enter your postcode
This should be the exact same as what appears on your driving licence. You'll find this in Section 8 on the front of your licence.

Step 3: Enter your National Insurance number
You can find this on your NI Number card, a tax bill or payslip. Your NI number is only used to verify your identity with the DVLA. It is encrypted and stored securely and is not accessible by anyone at Caura.

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