What is windscreen cover insurance?

Windscreen cover insurance covers the costs of repairs and replacements to windscreens.

It is a standard feature in many comprehensive car insurance policies or can often be purchased as an add-on to your policy.

When you buy insurance through Caura  this will appear as an optional choice in the question-set before you get your final quotes from insurers.


What is covered by windscreen insurance?

If you have a cracked windscreen, it can cover the cost of repair once any excess is paid and it will cover you for damage by things like debris, bad weather and temperature changes.

Windscreen cover also often includes recalibrating the advanced driver assistance systems after a windscreen repair, and lots of policies will include all the glass in the car, such as side and back windows.

It's important to check what your policy includes, as all policies have slight differences. Policies will generally cover repair and/or replacement of windscreens.

Cracked Windscreen


Am I allowed to drive with a cracked windscreen?

Depending on the crack, it can be illegal to drive with a cracked windscreen and could count as a motoring offence – using a vehicle in a dangerous condition. You could receive three points on your licence and a fine.

If there is damage anywhere on your windscreen which is 40mm or bigger, you will fail your MOT. If it’s in the drivers eye line and more than 10mm, you will also fail.

It’s also important because it may an accident more dangerous for you; when the airbags are deployed, they bounce off the windscreen to make sure your head doesn’t go into it. If your windscreen is cracked, it won’t be able to take the airbags impact and it will offer little protection.


If you have a damaged windscreen, you should get it looked at. Windscreen cover can help you in this situation.

Does windscreen replacement count as a claim?

It depends on the policy, but generally windscreen cover claims don’t impact your no-claims discount and count as a claim. If you need cracked windscreen repair or replacement, it generally won’t increase your next premium either.


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