Telematics insurance explained

What is Telematics Insurance?


Telematics insurance, also known as black box insurance, utilises some form of tracking to measure how you drive. This is often a telematics device installed in your vehicle to monitor driving habits.


This device collects data on various aspects of your driving, such as speed, distance travelled, time of day you drive, and braking patterns. A black box is one form of telematics device and is often used as a colloquial term to refer to all telematics devices.


Telematics policies can also be administered by your smartphone and a mobile app. These apps either have an auto-start feature or require the user to record when they drive by launching the app.


The idea is simple: safer driving leads to lower insurance premiums, so you are measured on traits relating to your driving. When you come to renewal, you are offered a premium based on those factors. This may result in savings.


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How Does a Telematics Device Work?


A telematics device (often called a black box ) isa small electronic gadget which is either professionally fitted into your car or self-installed. It uses GPS technology and on-board diagnostics to record and transmit driving data to your insurer.


If you have an installed telematics policy, usually you won’t need to wait until your policy starts and you can start driving before your installation.The price of the box will usually be factored into the premium cost.


Black boxes can also serve as a racking device, which can come in handy if your car is stolen. They may have accident alerts, so if you have an accident, emergency services could find your vehicle.


When you drive, your driving behaviour will be recorded. The insurer then assesses the risk associated with your driving behaviour and usually offers some form of incentive. It can come in different forms:


-             Your driving behaviour is monitored throughout the year, then when you come to renew you are offered a premium which is tailored to this behaviour. Usually, you will have been able to see how you have been scoring throughout the year. If you’re deemed a safe driver, you can benefit from a reduced premium

-             Pay as you go policies – these telematics policies are based on mileage. You receive a set amount of mileage, the based on your driving you may be able to earn extra miles. This is a great option for drivers who use a vehicle infrequently, like young and elderly drivers

-             Rewards based policies – you get rewards, like refunds on your premium, or things like vouchers


Benefits of Black Box Insurance


Telematics insurance can be a win-win for both insurers and drivers. Insurers can more accurately price the risk they are taking, while safe drivers may benefit from lower premiums.


For young drivers and those with higher premiums, black box insurance can be particularly advantageous. By demonstrating safe driving habits, these groups may see savings that they might not get from regular insurance policies.


If you're comfortable with your driving habits being monitored and believe you're a safe driver, telematics insurance can be a great way to save money on your car insurance.


However, if you prefer privacy and unrestricted driving patterns, a traditional insurance policy might be more suitable. For example, if you frequently drive at night, a telematics policy will not work for you as you can be penalised for driving at this time.



Getting Telematics Insurance Quotes


When looking for black box insurance quotes, it's essential to consider not only the price but the terms associated with thedata collected. You should look at what incentives the insurer offers and whether they’re right for you.

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