Everything you need to know about Marshmallow insurance

What is Marshmallow car insurance?

Marshmallow insurance is a car insurance provider which focuses on providing insurance to people who have just moved to the UK. Marshmallow policies are underwritten by Marshmallow insurance.

Most UK insurers don’t consider past overseas driving experience if you have recently moved to the UK, so Marshmallow have built their own technology and pricing to serve these underserved customers.

If you have recently moved to the UK, they might be an option for you. In July 2023, their average quote for UK newcomers was 45% cheaper than other equivalents [1]. They accept driving and claim free history from all countries.

How to contact Marshmallow insurance

Marshmallow insurance are an online based provider, so there is no Marshmallow car insurance contact number (unless you are making a claim). To contact them, you can get in touch on live chat through their app or your Marshmallow account.

Marshmallow insurance reviews

Marshmallow insurance have received the following reviews:

  • Trustpilot: 4.5 stars (22,938 reviews) [2]

What types of car insurance can you get with Marshmallow insurance?

Marshmallow offer two main types of comprehensive insurance: Marshmallow original and Marshmallow plus. These are detailed below:


Marshmallow original

Marshmallow plus

Level of cover


Injuries to others


Damage to other people’s property




Fire damage




Legal costs



Medical expenses

Up to £5,000 in personal accident

Up to £25,000 in personal accident

Courtesy car provision


Breakdown cover





Personal item cover


How to compare Marshmallow car insurance

You can compare Marshmallow car insurance by clicking here

How to make changes to, or cancel, Marshmallow insurance

As Marshmallow offers a web-based service, any changes, such as changing your vehicle, will need to be made in your account or using their live chat service.

If you cancel within 14 days from your policy start date, you will be charged a £30 fee. If cancelling after this period, you will be charged depending on your policy type [3]:

  • Lightest: £125
  • Essential: £100
  • Original: £75
  • Plus: £60

How to make a claim with Marshmallow insurance

If you need to make a claim on your Marshmallow car insurance, you can call them on their claims number:

  • 0800 060 8622 (Open 24 hours)

[1] Marshmallow website. Accessed 16-Feb-24

[2] Accessed 16-Feb-24

[3] Marshmallow website. Accessed 16-Feb-24


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