Everything you need to know about Marmalade insurance

What is Marmalade insurance?

Marmalade is a car insurance broker which primarily targets young drivers. If you are a young driver, Marmalade is a potential option when looking for cheaper insurance. They also have policies for experienced drivers.

Marmalade are an insurance broker, which means they will manage your policy but it will be underwritten by a different provider. They are part of the Atlanta group, an insurance broker in the UK, which owns other brands like Autonet and Swinton Group. Their insurance is underwritten by Highway Insurance (part of the LV group) and Ageas Insurance Limited.

How to contact Marmalade insurance

If you need to contact Marmalade car insurance you can call them on the Marmalade insurance number:

  • 0330 343 8814 (Monday to Friday: 9am – 5.30pm, Saturday: 9am – 2pm, Sunday: closed)

How to compare Marmalade insurance quotes

You can compare Marmalade insurance quotes here

Marmalade insurance reviews

Marmalade has received the following reviews:

  • Trustpilot: 4.2 stars (10,466 reviews) [1]

What types of car insurance can you get with Marmalade?

Marmalade insurance have four main policies: Black Box Named Young Driver Insurance, Experienced Driver (Essentials), Experience Driver (Classic). These are detailed below:


Black Box (17-30)

Named Young Driver (17-27)

Experienced Driver – Essentials (30+)

Experienced Driver – Classic (30+)

Level of cover


Injuries to others


Damage to other people’s property




Fire damage




Legal costs


Medical expenses

Personal accident cover up to £2,500

Personal accident cover up to £5,000

Driving other cars


Courtesy car provision


Breakdown cover




Personal item cover

Up to £350

Up to £100

Up to £150

Up to £250

Locks and keys cover


Up to £500


Up to £300

Black box insurance

Black box insurance is a type of telematics insurance – a black box is installed onto your windscreen and your driving skill is measured. Safer drivers could earn lower premiums at renewal.

Each of your journeys is classed out of five stars. If you get a one-star journey, Marmalade insurance will get in contact with you. Multiple one-star journeys could result in an increased premium, though remaining in the green will get a personalised premium for safe driving.

Marmalade insurance have two different types of black box policy: a typical annual policy and Pay as You Go insurance, where you top up your miles. You start with 1,000 miles and top up 250 miles at a time – if you’re a safer driver you can pay less for your top ups. For young drivers this may help save money.

Learner Driver Insurance

If you’re a young driver who’s not yet passed their test, Marmalade insurance offer Learner Driver Insurance.

Marmalade learner insurance is valid for provisional licence holders between the ages of 17 and 34. It’s a great option if you’re learning on a friend or relatives’ car, especially as you can take out flexible cover. You can choose either 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 or 240 day cover.

You must ensure the supervising driver is above 25 with at least 3 years driving experience.

When you pass your test, you’ll be eligible for 10% off an annual Black box policy or receive 500 free miles on Pay As You Go insurance, provided the details you use are the same.

Weekly car insurance for students

Another policy aimed at young drivers, weekly car insurance for students allows you to get short term cover.

There won’t be any risk to the owners No Claims Discount and the policy is flexible. You can be insured for up to 6 weeks, which is useful for students who are back from university.

If you had Marmalade learner insurance and your details haven’t changed, you will be eligible for a 10% discount.

How to cancel or make changes to Marmalade insurance

If you would like to cancel, or make changes such as changing your vehicle, you can call them on the Marmalade insurance number:

  • 0330 343 8814 (Monday to Friday: 9am – 5.30pm, Saturday: 9am – 2pm, Sunday: closed)

How to make a Marmalade insurance claim

If you’re a young driver and have either a Learner Driver, Pay as You Go, Named Young Driver, Black Box or Student Car Insurance policy, you can contact them with the following number:

  • 0333 358 0258 (Open 24 hours)

If you’re an experienced driver with either Marmalade Essential or Marmalade Classic, you can contact them with the following number:

  • 0333 035 9888 (Open 24 hours)

[1] 79 out of 94 in the Insurance category. Accessed 15-Feb-24


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