Everything you need to know about Hastings Direct car insurance

What is Hastings Direct car insurance?

Hastings Direct is one of the top 5 car insurance providers in the UK. It is part of Hastings Insurance Service Ltd, alongside other brands such as: InsurePink, SmartMiles and People’s Choice.

How to contact Hastings Direct car insurance

You can call the Hastings direct car insurance contact number:

  • 0333 321 9801 (Monday to Friday: 8am – 7pm, Saturday: 9am – 5pm, Sunday: 9am – 1pm)

How to compare Hastings car insurance quotes

You can compare an Aviva car insurance quote on Caura by clicking here

Hasting  Directs car insurance reviews

Hastings Direct has received the following reviews:

  • Trustpilot: 4.1 stars (136,106 reviews)
  • Which?: 61% policy score on its standard policy (21st out of 34) and 72% customer score (7th out of 15).

What type of car insurance can you get with Hastings Direct car insurance?

Hastings Direct has four main car insurance products: Hastings Direct, Hastings Essential Hastings Direct YouDrive (telematics policy) and Hastings Premier.

Hastings Essential is only offered as comprehensive, but the other policies can be purchased as third party only, or third party, fire and theft. The differences between the policies is detailed below:


Hastings Essential

Hastings Direct

Hastings Premier

Hastings YouDrive

Level of cover


Third party, Third party, fire, and theft, and Comprehensive


Injuries to others


Damage to other people’s property




Fire damage


Yes, if third party, fire and theft or comprehensive



Yes, if comprehensive

Legal costs





Medical expenses

Personal accident up to £1,000

£500 per injured person and personal accident up to £5,000, if comprehensive

Driving other cars


Yes, if eligible, third party only

Courtesy car provision


Yes, if third party, fire and theft or comprehensive


Breakdown cover








Personal item cover


Up to £300, if comprehensive

Locks and keys cover

Up to £300

Up to £500, if third party, fire and theft or comprehensive

Hastings YouDrive (Black box/telematics insurance)

With Hastings YouDrive, you are measured on the quality of your driving.

When you take out your policy you download an app and then receive a wireless tab, which you pair with the app. When you drive, you’ll see how you are doing in the app. Unlike some telematics policies, you don’t receive time of day penalties, so if you drive at night and want to be measured on your driving, this could be a good option.

Being a good driver can result in savings and you’ll get tips on how to improve.

Multi Car Insurance

If you have multiple cars, you can take out Multi Car insurance and add up to five vehicles, receiving a guaranteed discount for each vehicle you add – you’ll still receive a discount if you are adding a new vehicle 11 months into the future.

All cars are organised in one account with the same renewal date and anyone who is at the same address is eligible.

Multi Car insurance is available for Hastings Direct, Hastings Premier and Hastings Essential. Each car can have different cover.

How to make changes to or cancel Hastings Direct car insurance

If you need to make changes, such as adding a new driver, or cancel Hastings car insurance, you can use the Hastings direct car insurance phone number:

  • 0333 321 9801 (Monday to Friday: 8am – 7pm, Saturday: 9am – 5pm, Sunday: 9am – 1pm)

Cancellation is free within 14 days of your policy start date and £45 afterwards [2].

How to make a Hastings Direct car insurance claim

You can use the online claims form, or call them on the following number:

  • 0333 321 9800

179 out of 209 in the Insurance category. Their reviews are for their insurance as whole, not just car insurance. Accessed 15-Feb-2024

[2] Hastings website. Accessed 15-Feb-2024


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