Everything you need to know about 1st Central

What is 1st Central car insurance?

1st Central is an insurer focusing solely on car insurance, part of the First Central Insurance and Technology Group, which includes Skyfire Insurance and 1st Central Law.

How to contact 1st Central

If you need to contact 1st Central, you can do so using the 1st Central contact number:

  • 0333 043 2085  (Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm, Saturday: 9am - 5pm, Sunday: 10am – 2pm, Bank holidays: 10am - 4pm)

How to compare 1st Central car insurance

You can compare 1st Central quotes here

1st Central reviews

1st Central has received the following reviews:

  • Trustpilot: 4.4 stars (104,797 reviews) [1]

What types of car insurance can you get with 1st Central?

1st Central has 6 different policies, available across Third party, Third party fire and theft and, Comprehensive.  These policies are 1st Central Connect (telematics), 1st Central, 1st Central Legal, 1st Central Plus and 1st Central Premier.

We’ve outlined the comprehensive versions of these policies below:


1st Central Value

1st Central Connect

1st Central

1st Central Legal

1st Central Plus

1st Central Premier

Level of cover


Injuries to others


Damage to other people’s property




Fire damage




Legal costs







Medical expenses

Up to £100 per injured person,

Up to £100 per injured person, £7,500 in personal accident

Courtesy car provision


Breakdown cover







Personal item cover


Up to £250


Locks and keys cover

Up to £1,500



1st Central also offer a Multicar discount, so if you have multiple vehicles in your household, this may be an option for you: you’ll receive a discount of £50 per vehicle added, up to five vehicles.

Unlike other Multicar policies, 1st Central Multicar keeps your renewal dates separate from each other.

1st Central Connect

1st Central Connect is a telematics policy offered by 1st Central, available as Comprehensive or Third Party, Fire & Theft.

This policy doesn’t require a fitted black box, instead 1st central will send you a sensor to place on your windscreen and connect to an app on your phone.

Your driving will be measured, and if you are found to be a safer driver you may receive savings at your renewal. You’ll be measure on factors like acceleration, braking and cornering, alongside speeding and using your phone. You’ll receive tips on how to improve.

How to cancel or make changes to 1st Central car insurance

If you need to make a change, such as changing your vehicle, or cancel 1st Central car insurance, you can do so through the 1st Central insurance phone number:

  • 0333 043 2085  (Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm, Saturday: 9am - 5pm, Sunday: 10am – 2pm, Bank holidays: 10am - 4pm)

If you cancel after 14 days from your policy start date, you will be charged a fee of £50 [2]

How to make a claim with 1st Central

If you need to make a claim, you can contact 1st Central with these 1st Central contact numbers:

  • For windscreen claims: 0333 043 2012
  • For other claims: 0333 043 2011

Both numbers are open 24 hours. If you have an existing claim, you can call 1st Central on:

  • 0333 043 2022 (Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm, Saturday and Sunday: closed, Bank Holidays: 10am – 4pm)

[1] 147 out of 209 in the Insurance category. Accessed 16-Feb-24

[2] 1st Central website. Accessed 16-Feb-24


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