Electric car insurance explained

What electric car insurance do I need to have?


Just like all other vehicles int he UK, you need to have insurance for your electric vehicle (EV). The penalties for driving without EV insurance are 6 points on your licence and a fine as a minimum.


You don’t need a specific electric car insurance policy, any policy that covers your electric car will be valid. However, because electric cars have unique features, like the battery, you might want to take out a more specialist policy.


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EV charging cable


What extras should I consider for my electric car insurance policy?


Electric car insurance policies will usually cover some of the following extras:


- Out of charge recovery – if you run out of charge, the insurer will send a mechanic to get you charged or get you and your vehicle to a nearby charge point

- Battery cover – if you’d like battery cover and your battery is leased, you should make sure you notify your insurer, as cover can vary from policy-to-policy

- Charging cable cover in case your charging cable gets damaged or broken

- Cover for injury and damage caused by charging cables – for example, if someone falls over your charging cable and is injured, you’ll be covered

- Wallbox cover – some insurers may include money towards the replacement of a wallbox if it is damaged


Different electric car insurance policies will include different things as standard, so when you’re taking out a policy, you should compare the level of cover with each of them.


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Is electric car insurance cheaper than regular car insurance?


Although the cost of your electric car insurance depends on many factors, EV insurance is often more expensive than regular car insurance.

This is because EVs often have a higher value than combustion vehicles, which is reflected in the price of electric car insurance.

EVs are both more expensive and take longer than combustion vehicles to repair: According to the Association ofBritish Insurers (ABI), electric cars cost 25.5% more and take 15.4% longer [1] to repair. This impacts premiums and means EV insurance may be more expensive when compared to a combustion vehicle.


[1] Fleet News website. Accessed 29-Feb-24


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