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The New Way To Car

December 11, 2023


Caura’s on a mission to fix a broken system.  

Because the way we manage our cars in the UK is baffling. With fiddly forms, slow websites and hidden fees, it’s impossible to go anywhere without sorting something car. And it just keeps getting more complicated. Clean Air and Ultra Low Emission Zones are popping up everywhere (rightly so) and there’s more city charges, tolls and taxes than ever before.

As the list of car admin gets longer, so do our general to-do lists. People have busy lives that keep getting busier. There’s no time left to track pesky car payments, confusing city charges and forgettable MOT dates. That’s if you even know what you need to keep track of in the first place.

It’s the vulnerable who get caught out the most. Low emission zones target drivers with older, less eco-friendly cars – so ultimately the people who can’t afford the shinier models are penalised.

The system’s unfair and we’ve had enough. Holding a ticket in one hand and a fine in the other, we decided to take car admin into our own hands. It was time we stood up to a process that’s fleeced us one too many times. We set out on a mission to change how people run their cars – for good.

Using the latest tech, we created a super-fast platform that helps you sort everything car, all at the same time. From road tax to tolls to car insurance, Caura’s an easy-to-use app that puts all car admin in the palm of your hand. Revolutionary.

Download the app and enter your registration number to bring up your vehicle details. Jump in the car, plan your route and pay for everything from ULEZ and Clean Air Zones to toll roads and crossings, in seconds. We’ll also help you pay for things you might have forgotten like the new Heathrow Drop Off charge. The app uses Google or Apple Pay so you can sort it in a few taps. Caura also sends you reminders to reschedule your MOT and road tax, so you’ll never forget again. Then to insurance. We’ve curated the UK’s very best, trusted insurers to offer you a quote and let you pay in under a minute.

So with all these exciting features, we’ve decided to give Caura a fresh new look and feel.


The rebrand began by defining our purpose. What have we set out to achieve? How do we articulate our vision and character?

Caura speaks to all drivers – but especially to the open roaders. Those who believe driving can be brilliant. Those who know there’s more to life than worrying about road tax.

Welcome to the app that makes car admin easy. No fuss, no faff. Sorted. Here’s to sitting back and enjoying the journey.

image showing Caura app product screens


The fresh identity invites everyone to experience what driving feels like when you Run The Road. A new, smooth logo – with rounded, playful letters – has been crafted to capture the joy of the road. The letter forms flow into each other and their shapes evoke screeching bends, making you feel the way driving should.

The punchy, supercharged colour palette oozes with optimism and bounce, inspired by the world of cars and the joy of the road. Acid Green is the colour of Porsche racing brakes, strikingly balanced with nearly black ‘Night Drive’. The secondary palette of iconic Rosso Red and Electric Orange wouldn’t look out of place adorning the new McLaren F1 car.

A refreshed tone of voice speaks of our personality traits – maverick, upstanding and resourceful. Just like our driving, our voice is fast, honest and defiant. We’re always finding fresh, clever ways to say things and make it easy for every driver to find what they need.

The brand showcases photography full of people and places, making it feel real, human and relatable.


Caura’s right at the start of a long, exciting road. Increased infrastructures and restrictions on our roads will lead to confusing digitised systems and more complicated car admin. So the need for an app that brings everything car into one place continues to become greater.

Caura logo on image background

We’re working with drivers across the country, listening to what they want and need from the app – then using the latest tech to create exciting, future-defining features.


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