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Get your car tax refund in 2 easy steps!

December 11, 2023

If you’re looking to sell your car, you’re probably wondering what happens with car tax. Don’t worry! It’s quite easy to cancel car tax and get a refund for the months remaining.

How to get a car tax refund

The first step is to contact the DVLA to tell them the vehicle you want to cancel car tax for, and why.

The best ways to contact the DVLA is to call them or send them a letter by post. Find their contact details below:

DVLA contact number to cancel car tax:


Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm

Saturdays, 8am to 2pm

Get in touch via post:

Vehicle Customer Services



SA99 1AR

Remember, you’ll need to provide a reason as to why you’re cancelling car tax for your vehicle. It must be one of the following reasons:

  1. You have sold your car or transferred ownership to someone else
  2. It is no longer being used in the UK and has been exported somewhere else
  3. It has been registered as a tax-exempt vehicle
  4. The car has been stolen
  5. You have declared the vehicle off the road (SORN)
  6. The vehicle has been scrapped at a vehicle scrapyard
  7. It has been written off by your insurance company

No other reason will be accepted.

Once you’ve contacted them, wait for the DVLA to automatically process the cancellation. A refund will be provided via a cheque in the post.

How much will my car tax refund be?

If your car tax is paid by direct debit, the DVLA will automatically cancel any future payments. If you’ve paid your car tax in full, you will be issued a refund for any full months left on your car tax.

The DVLA will calculate refunds based on when they receive the information, not when you send it. Therefore, it might be more effective to get in touch with them via the telephone.

The fastest way to get new car tax

If you’re looking to tax a car, Caura is the fastest way to do so.

The amount you pay for your car’s tax depends on its CO2 emissions and can range from anywhere between £0 – £2,365. Once you enter your vehicle registration number into the Caura app and start the tax renewal process, Caura will automatically calculate the amount of tax you need to pay.

Caura tax renewal screen and payment success screen

Caura charges no extra fee to buy or renew your car tax in-app. All you need to do is enter your V11 or your V5C details into the app, select whether you want to renew for 6 or 12 months, and pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit or debit card.

Caura is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we work closely with the DVLA, so you can have peace of mind when you renew your car tax with Caura.

The best part is that Caura automatically syncs with the DVLA. This means that you’ll receive a notification in-app and via email to let you know if your car tax is about to expire, giving you enough time to renew and avoid any Penalty Charge Notices (PCN).

Download Caura here!

Find out more about renewing your vehicle tax with Caura here


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