It’s time to reimagine insurance

Caura Protect was built from the ground up with the best insurers in the UK. We’re stripping out all the nonsense and making our product simple, transparent and affordable. Through our iOS app, you can receive quick quotes, checkout using Apple Pay and receive all your insurance documents directly in-app.

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You can now get a quick insurance quote from wherever you want. On your phone, your tablet or your computer.

We've kept your favourite features from our mobile app. The same great insurers, the same affordable prices, no signup required.

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We’re getting back-to-basics to make insurance clearer and simpler. We’ve reduced the number of questions you answer, so you can get a quote rapidly, and since the price has to be right, you can compare quotes instantly in-app.

You’re in safe hands with the UK’s leading insurers

Caura is partnered with the UK’s top insurers like Aviva, Sabre, and Ageas as well as a number of niche specialists.

Caura doesn’t use marketing gimmicks nor do we spend millions of (your) pounds on fancy TV ads. We get pricing directly from these insurers, which means we’re able to offer you market-leading premiums, faster, and more simply.

We provide fully comprehensive cover which you can pay for annually and monthly!

Built for you, authorised by the FCA

Throughout your policy, we understand that you may need to make changes. With Caura Protect, you can make these in just a couple of taps.

We’re authorised and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) which means you can rest assured that you and your vehicle are protected.

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