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Caura syncs with the DVLA, sending you automatic reminders when your MOT is about to expire. Once we remind you, you can easily book an MOT via the link in-app. A couple of taps on your phone and you’ll be all booked in.

What is an MOT?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport – the name of the government department responsible for checking vehicle roadworthiness.

An MOT is an annual inspection that makes sure your vehicle meets the minimum environmental and road safety standards required by law in the UK.

If your vehicle is more than three years old, you will need to get it tested every year.

Vehicle MOT

Everything you need to know

The MOT test involves multiple checks on your car and its components. Common components checked are the vehicles braking system, fuel system, seatbelts, wipers, mirrors, lights, and exhaust. It doesn’t, however, include the condition of the engine, gearbox, or clutch.

Most vehicles will also have emission checks, however there are some exemptions. These are for:

  • Vehicles with fewer than four wheels
  • Vehicles with two-stroke engine
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Quadricycles
  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
  • Electric vehicles

How much does an MOT cost?

The amount you pay for an MOT test fluctuates depending on the type of vehicle you drive - but there is a maximum charge.

The maximum MOT fee for a car with up to eight passenger seats is £54.85. For a motorcycle it’s £29.65. Generally, the larger the vehicle the higher the maximum fee.

Here’s how much your MOT will cost you:

  • Motorcycle (engine size up to 200cc) - £29.65
  • Motorcycle with sidecar (engine size up to 200cc) - £37.80
  • Motorcycle (engine size over 200cc) - £29.65
  • Motorcycle with sidecar (engine size over 200cc) - £37.80
  • Three-wheeled vehicles (up to 450kg unladen weight) - £37.80
  • Three-wheeled vehicles (over 450kg unladen weight) - £54.85
  • Cars (up to eight passenger seats) - £54.85
  • Motor caravans - £54.85
  • Quads (max unladen weight 400kg - for goods vehicles 550kg and max net power of 15kw) - £54.85
  • Dual purpose vehicles - £54.85
  • Private hire and public service vehicles (up to eight seats) - £54.85
  • Ambulances and taxis - £54.85
  • Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (9 to 12 passenger seats) - £57.30
  • Goods vehicles (up to 3,000kg design gross weight) - £54.85
  • Class 4 vehicles (9 to 12 passenger seats) with a seat belt installation check - £64
  • Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (13 to 16 passenger seats) - £59.55
  • Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (more than 16 passenger seats) - £80.65
  • Playbuses - £80.65
  • Class 5 vehicles (13 to 16 passenger seats) with a seatbelt installation check - £80.50
  • Class 5 vehicles (more than 16 passenger seats) with a seatbelt installation check - £124.50
  • Goods vehicles (over 3,000kg up to 3,500kg design gross weight) - £58.60

What checks are included in an MOT test?

The test takes one hour and includes checks on:

  • Axles, wheels, tyres, and suspension
  • Body, structure, and attachments (including exhaust system, seats and doors)
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Brake fluid contamination
  • Brake pads warning light
  • Fuel system
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF) for tampering
  • Fluid leaks other than coolant and Adblue
  • Lights, battery and electrical wiring
  • Daytime running lights
  • Reversing lights
  • Horn
  • Number plates
  • Seatbelts
  • Speedometer
  • Visibility (wipes, windscreen, mirrors)

The engine, clutch and gearbox are not tested.

When will my car need its first MOT?

For most vehicles, you do not need to get an MOT until it is three years old. After that, you will need to renew your MOT every year.

There are some vehicles that need an MOT after the first year. These include:

  • Ambulances and taxis
  • Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (9 to 12 passenger seats)
  • Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (13 to 16 passenger seats)
  • Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (more than 16 passenger seats)
  • Playbuses

MOT exemptions

Some vehicles are exempt from having MOT checks. These include:

  • Goods vehicles powered by electricity and registered before 1 March 2015
  • Tractors
  • Vehicles built or first registered more than 40 years ago, and have had no substantial changes made in the last 30 years
  • Motor tractor
  • Track-laying vehicle
  • Articulated vehicle that is not a lorry or bus
  • Works trucks
  • Invalid carriages weighing no more than 306kg when unloaded
  • Vehicle used only to pass from land occupied by the person keeping the vehicle to other land occupied by them, and not travelling on the road for more than a total of six miles a week
  • Hackney carriage or private-hire vehicle licensed by local authorities authorised to check the roadworthiness of this vehicle
  • Hackney carriage licensed by Transport for London.
  • Vehicle provided for police purposes and maintained in an approved workshop
  • (GB only) Goods vehicle powered by electricity, and first registered before 1 March 2015
  • Tram
  • Trolley vehicle that is not an auxiliary trolley vehicle (auxiliary trolley vehicles are vehicles that are adapted to run from power provided from a source on board)
  • Vehicles authorised to be used on the road by a Special Types General Order or a Vehicle
    Special Order, unless the order specifies otherwise
  • Vehicles used only on certain islands that do not have a bridge, tunnel, ford or other suitable way for motor vehicles to be conveniently driven to a road in any part of the UK
  • Vehicles with a maximum design speed of less than 15.5 miles per hour
  • A vehicle constructed for gully or street cleansing or refuse disposal, which either is a three-wheeled vehicle, or
  • (GB only) A public service vehicle having a date of manufacture before 1st January 1960 and which has not been substantially changed

If your vehicle falls under this list, you need to fill in the form on the government website so that you can either tax it or apply for tax exemption.

Fines for driving without an MOT

Driving without an MOT is illegal.

There is no MOT grace period. If you get stopped by the police, you can be given a fine of up to £1000. If the vehicle you're driving is in a condition that is dangerous, you can receive an unlimited fine if you’re driving a van or £2,500 if you’re driving a car.

You will also get three points on your driving licence and could also be disqualified from driving for at least six months.

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How can I find out when my MOT is due?

The fastest way is by downloading Caura and entering your vehicle registration number. You will then see the MOT expiry date for your vehicle, along with the renewal date for your car tax. You can even choose to enter your insurance renewal date, and we will give you reminders for your car insurance, too.

Where can I book an MOT?

We've partnered with ClickMechanic so you can book an MOT & Servicing with high quality, trusted mechanics with collection & delivery included - no need to go to the garage. Any work required to pass the MOT is quoted at industry-standard prices through the ClickMechanic quote engine.

Bookings are available at short notice, with slots available all week from 8am - 8pm. Book your MOT & Servicing today and get £55 off!

All your car admin. In one place.

Caura brings together all aspects of managing your car into one single app. We don't just send you admin reminders, but you can also renew your vehicle tax in 30 seconds, or get competitive insurance quotes in under 60 seconds. Plus, refer your friend to Caura and you could both save £50 or more on your car insurance! Find out more about our referral scheme here.


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Find answers to common questions here. If you can't find what you're looking for then email us on and we'll get back to you.

My account
Do I have to sign up to access Caura?

Yes. To enjoy the benefits of Caura, like timely reminders for tax and insurance, and ultrafast city charge and toll payments, you’ll need to create an account. This is so we can let you know about important expiry dates and booking details.

Can I change the email address I use for Caura?

You can’t currently change your email address on Caura (but we are working on it). As a workaround, you can log out of your current account and sign up with a new email address. We won’t be able to transfer the history over.

What happens if I forget my account credentials?

Easily done. Just tap ‘Forgot Password’ on the Log In screen - we’ll send you a password reset link via your registered email address. If you used your Google or Apple profile details (instead of an email address) to create your account, you’ll need to continue to use this sign-in method.

My account has been suspended, why?

Your account may be suspended as a precaution if we see evidence of fraud or a violation of our terms of service. Please email or send us a message in-app, and we can investigate this with you.

How do I delete my account?

Please email or send us a message in-app, and we can take care of that for you. Please feel free to let us know why you want to leave, as we’re always working to improve Caura for drivers like you.

Managing vehicles
How do I add or remove vehicles from my account?

To add a vehicle, simply swipe to the left on your current vehicle or tap the ‘+’ icon on the Home screen. To remove a vehicle, tap and hold on the vehicle image.

My vehicle cannot be found when I add my number plate, why not? 

All vehicles registered with the DVLA should show on Caura. Please make sure you are entering a valid number plate recognised by the DVLA. If the problem persists please email 

Why can’t I see my updated vehicle details (e.g. tax, MOT) on Caura?

If you have made the update on Caura (e.g. paid for tax on Caura), it should update automatically within a few days. If it doesn't, you can pull down the image of your vehicle from the Home screen, which will refresh the app.

Notifications & reminders
Do I need to enable notifications? 

Caura notifications help keep you updated on any upcoming renewal or expiry dates for your vehicle, as well as important transaction details. If you’re an AutoPay user, you’ll need to have them on so we can contact you in case of failed payment or changes to your AutoPay status.

I turned off notifications, how do I re-enable them?

If you turned off push notifications, you can enable again by going to Settings on your device and scrolling down to Apps and selecting Caura. From there, simply switch on ‘Allow Notifications’ from within the Permissions section. 

Does Caura tell me whether I’ve driven into a charging zone (e.g. ULEZ)? 

Only Caura AutoPay users will receive notifications confirming they have entered a charging zone, and this currently only applies to London Congestion, ULEZ & LEZ charges. When you drive into these London charging zones, TfL automatically recognises your vehicle and up to 5 days later they notify us of your journey. We’ll then let you know and automatically take payment from your card. 

What expiry reminders can Caura provide for my vehicle? 

Caura helps keep you updated on upcoming renewal or expiry dates for you vehicle, including tax, MOT and insurance. You’ll need to manually add your insurance renewal date into the app, MOT and tax reminders will be generated automatically.

Managing payment methods
How do I add or remove a payment method?

You can add, remove and set your default payment method via the Payment Methods screen, accessed via the Account tab. To remove a payment method, swipe it to the left. To set a payment method as the default option, swipe it to the right.  

What if I need to change my AutoPay payment method?

Go to your AutoPay account in-app (by going to the City Charges screen). From your AutoPay account, tap the current payment method selected. You can then choose to change your payment method tied to your AutoPay, either select an existing payment method or add a new card to Caura. 

What is an MOT?

An MOT is a test which, by law, must be made each year on all road vehicles that are more than three years old, in order to check that they are safe to drive.

What does MOT stand for?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport - the name of the government department responsible for checking vehicle roadworthiness.

Which vehicles need MOTs?

Most road vehicle over three years old will need MOT certification. Caura will notify you in advance when your next MOT is due, or you can check for yourself by going to the vehicle Home screen in-app. However, there are some exemptions for some vehicles. Find a full list of exemptions here

What if my vehicle is MOT exempt?

If you think your vehicle is exempt from MOT checks, you will need to apply for exemption via the government website.

Why is my recent MOT not showing in-app? 

Once the DVLA has updated the status of your recent MOT, the information displayed in-app should update automatically within a few days. If it doesn't, you can pull down the image of your vehicle from the Home screen, which will refresh the app.

Is there an MOT grace period?

No. As soon as your MOT has expired, it becomes illegal to drive your car on the road. The only exception is that you’re about to drive your vehicle to its MOT test, so long as the test has been booked.

If you own a vehicle and are not planning on driving it, you must keep it off the road and you will have to declare it SORN.

Will I get fined for driving without an MOT?

Yes. Driving without an MOT is illegal and if caught by the police, you could face a fine of up to £1000.

How long does an MOT take?

The average MOT test takes between 45 and 60 minutes. If your MOT fails the test and repairs are needed before the vehicle is returned to you, it will take longer.

How much does an MOT cost?

The cost of your MOT will depend on the vehicle you drive. The test could cost you anything from £29.65 to £124.50. You can find out exactly how much your MOT will cost you here.

How can I check my MOT expiry date?

Once you add your vehicle to Caura, the app will sync up your vehicle details with the DVLA and the expiry date will show up immediately.

My MOT expired. What do I do next?

If your MOT has expired, you will need to book an MOT test at a garage. Remember to not drive your vehicle until the test is done, unless you are driving to the test.

Can I book my MOT via Caura?

Whilst our team are working hard to allow users to book an MOT in-app, we've partnered with ClickMechanic so you can book an MOT & Servicing with trusted mechanics, delivery included!

Bookings are available at short notice, with slots available all week from 8am - 8pm. Book your MOT & Servicing today and get £50 off!

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