Give yourself an easy way to pay for commercial Clean Air Zones and keep up to date with your fleet in two taps. Check if you’re liable to pay, sort the charge in seconds, and access your receipts in-app. Get renewal reminders for insurance, tax and MOT for every vehicle you manage. All from one app. With no additional service charges or fees.

Caura app screen showing payment options for Bradford, Portsmouth & Bath Clean Air Zones
Caura app screen showing the £9.00 fee for Bath CAZ today
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Fast payments

Pay for Clean Air Zones in two taps using Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit or debit card.

Receipts stored in-app

Made a payment in Caura? Find receipts for every vehicle's transactions in the 'History' tab. From there, you can export any receipt to your email.


Get expiry reminders for tax, insurance and MOT in-app and via email. For every vehicle you manage.

Fleet with 6 vans lined up, all their admin is managed in Caura
payment confirmation page for Bradford Clean Air Zone

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Fleet manager happy to review Caura because he can manage car admin for all his vehicles on one single app

"I have a fleet of 10 to 15 vehicles and Caura makes it seamlessly easy to manage payments and monitor tax & MOT expiry dates all on one app!"