Driving used to be a pleasurable experience but more recently, we seem to be spending more time administering our cars than enjoying them.

The reality is roads are getting more digital with lots of automated systems that aren’t on the side of the driver and are a nightmare to navigate.

We believe it’s finally time for a change

Caura was created to help you manage all this admin in the right way giving you back comfort and peace-of-mind. We’re taking the fragmented ecosystem of apps and websites that all require separate logins (and those pesky CVV/CVC codes) every time you want to pay for something.

Say hello to Caura Drive. Making your life easier by bringing car payment services under one roof

Never get a fine again

Pay for road tax, code-based parking, toll roads, and congestion & ULEZ charges in one seamless app.

We've integrated the major providers directly into Caura and we're adding more soon.

Pay using Apple Pay with receipts available in-app.

We'll remind you when your tax, MOT, and parking sessions are expiring so you don't get stung.

Keeping your vehicle compliant - Vehicle Tax (VED)

Pay for your car tax without ever leaving the app - scan your DVLA V5 vehicle registration document or V11 reminder and checkout with Apple Pay.

Easing the pain of congestion charges

You can pay for London’s Congestion Charge, ULEZ and Dart charge on Caura. Pick the day, choose the charge and click to pay. There’s no need to leave the app and no need to fill any details.

We’ll soon be building the functionality to automatically take payment if you pass into toll zones, so it’s another thing you can forget about.

Getting this admin in order is vital to keep our roads safe and also to protect your wallet. Financial penalties for getting this stuff wrong runs into the £1,000s and on top you can get penalty points on your licence and even get your car impounded.