Birmingham Clean Air Zone Simplified

*INCLUDING the quickest & simplest way to pay with Caura.*

On 1st June Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) comes into force. The introduction is to help cut pollution and encourage alternative methods of transport within the zone. Birmingham is not the only city with such a zone. London’s CC/ULEZ has been in force since 2003, and a number of other cities in the UK are in the consulting phases of when they may have their own zone. We will keep you updated in future blog posts. In the meantime we’ve put together a list of the key things to know about CAZ, and how you can pay the charge in just a few seconds on Caura.

What exactly is the Clean Air Zone? FAQs

Who has to pay?

Anyone who drives into the CAZ  in a pre-Euro 4 petrol or pre-Euro 6 diesel car will need to pay the charge. You can check if this applies to you by entering your numberplate here. You can then pay in just a couple of taps with Caura. Buses, coaches, HGVs, Vans and Taxis will also be charged if they are not compliant.

Where is the CAZ?

The CAZ is anywhere inside Birmingham’s Middle Ring Road – the A4540.

When is the CAZ active?

The zone will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It comes into force 1st June 2021.

How much does it cost?

£8 for cars, taxis and vans. £50 for coaches, buses and HGVs. If you don’t pay – it will be a fine of up to £120. Reduced to £60 if paid within 14-days, plus the initial cost.

Do I need to pay more than once in a day?

No, you can enter and leave the zone as many times as you need to with one payment. Beware though the ‘day’ runs from midnight – midnight, not from 24 hours after you first enter the zone. Therefore if you enter at 10pm and exit at 2am, you will be charged for two days.

Are there any other exemptions?

Yes – the two main exemptions are for people who live in the zone and for people who work in the zone – full details here. However you will not automatically be exempt, you’re required to meet certain criteria and submit proof before exemption is granted. There are other exemptions e.g. if you are a ‘Circus Proprietor’, you may be exempt (that’s not a joke!). The full list can be found on the Brum Breathes site.

Paying the Clean Air Zone charge in Caura

The people of Birmingham have spoken, and we’ve listened, the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is confusing and just another hassle to deal with. In July 2020 we launched Caura with the mission of giving anyone who drives the easiest way to manage all your car admin in one app. No more fines, no more wasting your time.

When the CAZ was confirmed, it became a top priority of ours to give the people of Birmingham the best solution. Just as we have with the thousands of motorists in London, who use Caura to pay for the Congestion Charge and ULEZ in two taps.

Update to the latest version of Caura and on the 1st June 2021 you’ll be able to pay the charge, with no extra fee, in just a couple of taps. You can download Caura here, enter your car’s numberplate, and you’ll be ready to pay the CAZ.

As easy as 1,2,3…

After entering your number plate you’ll see your car’s key info displayed. Tap ‘City Charges’ to find the CAZ and take it off your to do list in two taps.

How else Caura can save you time & money…

As well as taking care of your car’s day to day admin, Caura also helps manage those easy to forget annual payments. Take a hands off approach and let Caura give you reminders for your car tax, MOT and Insurance. You’ll renew with the same efficiency as paying for the CAZ.

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